#1000 postcards
is Inspired by the rich history of citizen science in the UK, the current ecological crisis and her observations of peoples disconnect with the natural world and the negative effect this has on them.
Hashtag 1000 postcards aims to visually delight and engage the viewer into a deeper connection with the environment in general and with biodiversity specifically. When land is managed with the needs of nature as its primary goal, biodiversity literally blossoms. 
Using Twitter daily as a platform to present this growing body of work makes it freely accessible.
Day by day the collection of postcards grows, following the seasonal changes on her re-wilding farm.
In November 2020 the cards will be shown at Oriel Y Parc the beautiful gallery in St Davids owned by the National Parks Wales. Entry to the exhibition will be free.
Workshops will be held in conjunction with the exhibition; these can be booked closer to the time.
So for daily postcards please follow the link for twitter at the top left of this page !

copyright Liza Adamczewski