Garden Icons Cards Sold out

Dimensions & Designs

148mm x 148mm 

Printed on recycled card with gold envelopes.

Icon Cards come in sets of 16 at

£65 including post and packing to the UK

for other destinations the cost may vary

to order a set please contact me via the contact page.

Tell me which set you would like 

Garden Icons or Gardeners Friends ( bellow) come in sets of 10 and cost £35

Please add your address to the contact message

these prices include P&P to the UK only

Dimensions & Designs for both Card sets

148mm x 148mm 

Gardeners Friends are Printed on recycled card with soft brown craft envelopes.

Garden Icon Cards come with gold envelopes and are also printed on recycled card

A set of ten cards

depicting life from

the British garden

1 x a set of 10 cards

i@ £35 including P&P 

to the UK

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